Do It Yourself! #12 — The Pudding Show

December 21st, 2022


I guess the other three cast members aren't important enough for focus.


I'm not hugely surprised it ended with continuing to entirely miss all points but still a bit disappointed that the quirky animation and presentation from the early episodes has all but disappeared. I think the weirdest part though was Pudding's mom coming out of absolutely nowhere and revealing herself to have been a mother figure to Queen Elizabeth somewhere offscreen. Uh, am I forgetting something, or is this not the first time we saw this woman at all? So it's weird to be putting this in the big finale, especially right before she starts going on about how building a treehouse makes up for her father neglecting her. What is this? 11th hour rejected plotline dumping? And then she fairly unceremoniously flies away, which, granted, may be the most realistic depiction of a child moving in anime ever, but we just spent almost a third the episode on how emotional it all was, and everyone just goes "Welp, there she goes."

It's still more than at least half the cast got. Three of them I don't think had more lines than the obnoxious robot jellyfish. And then, because they had to montage something in, they threw together a hanging loveseat in an afternoon for funsies. Because they're such good friendly friends, which we will now spend the final five minutes of the show explaining and repeating. Was this ever in question? Are you even though? Or do you just live next door to each other? This wasn't exactl y the Gilmore Girls or even Sesame Street as far as being either relationship bonding drama or teaching about being a good friend, let alone how to build anything.

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