Do It Yourself! #11 — Let Someone Else Do It

December 14th, 2022


When the going gets tough, someone else can handle it.


It's pretty hilarious to me that they finally get the expensive tree bolts and instead of learning about using them, or even installing them themselves, they call other people to do it for them, and the only thing they learn in the process is that you need to spray the holes. What's the show called again? "Contract Projects Out to Other People?" But don't worry, that montage is quickly followed up by a second montage where they install a few planks before once again cutting aside to show that her parents are doing all the actual wood cutting for them, before it's time for the third montage of the episode.

They're apparently created stained glass windows and an entire tiny house in a two minute montage of stills. These seem like things we could beat least teaching about or understanding, but no. That's a montage in order to make time to show them sharing sandwiches instead. They're also still trying to fabricate drama out of nothing to end episodes too, and this one is especially weird. They don't have enough wood! Wait, actually we do. Whew. That crisis was introduced and resolved in about four lines total, just add a bunch of dramatic pauses to let it chew up a minute and a half.


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