Do It Yourself! #10 — Rerun

December 7th, 2022


Boy, I love montages.


That was almost a not so bad emotional scene from Pudding-face, which was then utterly ruined by the show then going "Oh, she was never sad at all. It was just an 8 hour daydream that happened to look like a fugue state." And then it quickly montaged all the materials back. Not just back, but better than before, because even the teacher hadn't bothered to actually help last time, and comes rolling up with a literal entire truck worth of random wood. Is this really a thing Japanese people do? Just somehow accumulate and hang on to dozens of 2x4s? And why is the ostensibly big dramatic moment of the episode coming five minutes in?

This could've been a chance to show them overcoming an obstacle, coming up with something clever, turning to each other for support, anything. Instead, we get a montage where they… do the same thing they did before, even down to repeating the beach trip. And it wouldn't be so galling if they didn't start out the episode by declaring that they can't just do what they did before. You stated the conceit for why this was an adversity for them, and then ignored it! I expect so little for the writing on this show… this season… and it still somehow manages to astonish me.

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