Badly Coded MMRPG #13 — Christmas Fireworks

December 19th, 2022


I don't think they got the meaning of Christmas.

I did technically make it to the end of the first season, but I was quite sick of its single joke. Actual broadcast starts on January 11th, but hey, it's a Christmas episode and we can get this out of the way early.


And this episode is not going to change my opinion on it. It's still a little bit better animated than it has any right or need to be, but only a little. Mediocre animation with zero stakes and always curbstomping everything does not make for a particularly engaging experience. Mostly, it seems to be suffering even more under the weight of the hojillion characters it introduced and has no idea what to do with. Reintroducing each one in turn and flat out stating "Remember how my quirk is liking armor?" is not blowing me away in the humor department either.

Speaking of which, ending on the sole joke of the show did not improve my thoughts. No, not the overly long title. The joke is "everything Maple does is always the best ever!" You got a Rudolf costume instead of the fanservice santa ones. OMG, you're just the best! You are so unique and special and amazing at everything! Even this! For an episode where all you did was pet a cat and then be a large ugly horse for someone else! This isn't a joke for these shows though. This is just how they are. Pointing it out and loudly declaring it is not satire. It's just what they do. And it irritates me to be reminded of that at every goddamned turn.

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