Akiba Maid War #09 — Law of the Jungle

December 1st, 2022




It's hard to be upset at what was the closest thing to an actual action scene I've seen in weeks, but this show's writing still baffles me. Wasn't Nagomi's whole thing to not make waves, try to fit in, and not fight? So why is she the one leading the charge to jump into a literal melee? And the whole organized crime hierarchy is built off of what animal would beat the other animals up? They claim it's for other reasons, ignoring that Team Hog got an attaboy in front of everybody for being super great, but it just so happens that large animals are on top, small on bottom, except for pigs. These seem like jokes, and maybe that they take it so deadly seriously is meant to be the meta joke, but it doesn't come off that way, particularly when pigs are giant, dangerous, terrifying animals long associated with organized crime because they will eat literally anything and everything, including people.

Plus, as I've said before, Team Pig has wiped out like a dozen different rivals at this point. You'd think everyone would be exercising at least a tiny bit of caution in dealing with them. Wasn't there a whole episode about whipping them into line where the end was that they completely failed? Not double checking at this point is as much your fault as it is anybody else's. And I don't think anybody wants to see any more of their fail manager, but sure, she gets a whole side segment where she fishes and monologues about how much of a garbage person she is. Why not focus on the Russian instead? After her intro episode, she's done absolutely nothing. Hell, even an episode on the panda would probably be better. 


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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • v1cious says:

    RIP otaku-sama

  • Joshua says:

    Why should I even care about these maids when they aren’t even remotely in any sense of actual danger? The show doesn’t seem to actually think about that and doesn’t bother trying to maybe injure or kill off one of the girls in the midst of killing off all of those background maids. There’s no tension from that even when the stakes are supposed to be raised.