The Witch From Mercury #08 — Greenwashing

November 27th, 2022


That robot is definitely powered by the souls of dead children.


Another very boring and uneventful episode that was basically twenty minutes of characters saying "Why do we have to do this?" and that question left hanging in the air, completely unanswered, as it always is with this show. Nor is Miorine winning any points by dismissively talking down to everybody, throwing money at every problem, and being an ass. Seems like they should be dealing with some of these new experts that they supposedly bought, not handing all proprietary secrets to a bunch of kids. A bunch of kids with direct connections to government-deemed terrorists, in case we've forgotten that their friends and family are in jail, which I very much suspect that we have. Seems like it'd be a much more interesting episode to make about one or more of them wanting to use this priceless data to help the rebel cause, or just sell for a quick buck, but no, our teenage idiots are concerned about billable salaried hours for some inexplicable reason.

Anyway, the whole episode is pissing around over how to be the good guys while creating weapons of mass destruction, and all that they come up with is an old commercial that says you can use also use Gundams for good, which makes everybody ooh and aah. That's right. A half-assed 30 second commercial is all it takes to completely change their ethical code and deeply held beliefs. God help us all. Meanwhile, the cliffhanger for the week is that the school that operates by Calvinball rules has created a new rule that says "Nuh uh, you can't do that." What? Are we cribbing from Alito now? 

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