Mega Moose #18 — Yet More Stalkers for Arshem

November 18th, 2022


As if she was at any point lacking them.


The best part of this episode was definitely when it cut to a bunch of the super teens doing crowd control and asking why they had to be doing this. Very strong "Remember when we were protagonists?" energy. Also, do we know these two stalker twinks that are leading the charge to raze the city in order to save Arshem from… being in the city? I would swear we've never seen them before, but they're apparently jumping right up to being recurring antagonists? Who are super angry that Arshem has a crush on someone who's not them? Uh, okay.

Anyway, the shine's certainly fallen off and this entire (DLC) Mad Max world arc has been tiresome at best. After spending easily three or four straight episodes of them all coincidentally happening to not run into each other, they milk the hell out of them finally meeting up with insert song, kiss, explosion of sparklies and everything, only to immediately split right back up for no good reason. Gotta maintain that status quo, at all costs, after all. If the show's not introducing crazy twists, or new characters weekly who all have completely insane backstories, then what are we doing here? And a couple of stalkers don't cut it. 

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