Do It Yourself! #09 — Reinventing the Wheel

November 30th, 2022


I don't know if the motorized wheelies or the unicycle disturbs me more.


It's weird that this show of all things seemingly has felt that it needs to end every episode on a cliffhanger for the past couple weeks, particularly when it's also just ignoring the previous one. If it provided some direction to the episode, a challenge to overcome, something to be achieved, sure, I'm all for that. But that should come at the start of the episode, not the end. Maybe it means next week will be better and have a bit more purpose, or maybe they'll find out someone just moved it around the corner and we'll spend the episode building the pig a lounging sofa to go with his house within a house.

Speaking of which, the whole thing is pretty bizarre to me. Not the concept of crating a pig. You crate dogs, why not crate a pig, aside from it outgrowing it when it becomes a hog? But a wooden dog/pighouse inside the house? And apparently they just dropped it in the middle of the room? This was the 'big project' for the week? And like usual, it just turned into a montage instead of actually teaching us about anything useful. Between that and the bizarre methods of rolling to school that the show decided to highlight with close-ups and everything, it's hard to fight the feeling that they're running out of both thought and motivation for this show.

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