Do It Yourself! #08 — Reject Imagination

November 23rd, 2022


Embrace AutoCAD.

Just slow today because I once again forgot this show existed.


And appropriately, this episode was similarly a fat load of nothing, even more than the nothing that is this show's default category. It's not just a bad season for action, but a bad season for creativity. Once again, instead of the fantastic crazy ideas the socially awkward idiot comes up with, we pull off a generic blueprint overnight and everybody oohs and aahs over how great that is. What is the lesson here exactly? Forget your dreams. Find satisfaction in AutoCAD?

There wasn't even a montage of doing it yourself, just an overly long bath scene with what's apparently going to be the season ending drama, that Queen Elizabeth is leaving in a couple weeks. Except that isn't she supposed to be 'leaving' for the school next door? Or even if not, just change her plans? But sure, let's make a bunch of hay over this.

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