Do It Yourself! #07 — Reading Off of WikiHow

November 16th, 2022


Now with extra montage.


It's rarely good when you have to wonder if the people making it actually know anything about the show they're making, or if they're just reciting from some wiki article. They made three or four stupid little random things for their "get rich off Etsy" plan, all in a row, but all three of them were just reciting instructions with illustrations. No jokes about any of that, or even silliness in the presentation of the instructions. It really was just a recitation of Ikea instructions, like they couldn't be bothered to learn about it, so just transcribed a couple half-assed Girl Scout activities.

This was bookended by I guess what is meant to be a character focused episode on the orange haired leader one, but it was very half-assed on that front too. She likes girly stuff and… is bad at baking. Those are two individual segments. I think the bigger concern is how her family's store apparently airs its own jingle nonstop. I can't imagine anybody shopping there without going insane, let alone anybody who has to work, or god forbid, live there. The kicker is that they clearly just ran out of content at the end of the episode and went into over a minute of stills set to carnival music with extra slide whistle. Maybe just… have more substance. And less slide whistle.

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