Do It Yourself! #05 — Cat Noises

November 2nd, 2022


Oh, so we're not tormenting the pig now?


If you were to ask me what I thought the hyperactive cat girl's character would be, I probably would have said that's already self-evident, but apparently she's some kind of Indian princess who used to be babysat by the school nurse. That's quite a career trajectory, from nanny for the East India Tea company down to public school nurse taking care of self-destructive imbeciles. Imbeciles who are apparently extremely talented cartoon artists, might I add, which is something that the show passes right over without note or comment. 

Unfortunately though, that's kind of the start and end of it. She's another super genius and knew where they could find some free wood, so cue the montage. The weirdest part to me was how they described how to use a crowbar, and then skipped right over varnishing, jigsaw usage, beveling, and god only knows what else. We're leaping around levels of skill and tool usage here pretty drastically. Now that you've mastered a crowbar, here's a power sander. Basically the same thing. And apparently this whole thing was because the hyperactive girl with zero attention span felt out of place elsewhere? Um, okay? Whatever you say.

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