Do It Yerself! #06 — Life’s a Beach

November 9th, 2022


No pigs were harmed.


For a plainly fanservice episode, there's quite a lot of minorly baffling mysteries here. I think my favorite is that they spend about five minutes gathering random beach detritus, including random driftwood, and then it abruptly cuts to an entire abandoned boat that they're totally ignoring. Driftwood which they then just nailed at random to the door. And one piece of detritus was a large glass globe. Uh, yeah. Definitely something you commonly find on beaches. And then there's the random teacher at the start of the episode who I guess is just there to pad out the episode for another fifteen seconds. Or they cut away to show that the beach is actually crowded and full of people… none of which are ever seen in any other shot. So, we just had an aside to introduce that they're existing in a pocket dimension? Or a quick look at a separate other beach? 

Very little to say otherwise. They went to the beach and all did their one thing. The focus was on Pudding, because I can remember the actual names of exactly two characters here, one being the Queen Mother, but all she did was harumph and blush about wanting to be friends but not wanting to admit she wants to be friends. We really need to either be engaging with the subject matter a little more, or have at least some kind of barest minimum of a story, even if just episodic, but preferably both. Like Bocchi, the expressive animation continues to make it a pleasant enough experience that reminds me weekly that it does have things to appreciate about it, but that fades from memory fast and doesn't substitute for actual substance.

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