Chainsaw Man #08 — Bookended by Fridges

November 29th, 2022


It's great that the first bit of agency this character had was ritualistically killing herself.


What a fantastic character. Shows up, explains her power, flashback to explain how she's super duper tragic, objectified like a slab of meat, and then being slowly dismembered. Though with half the cast 'dying' this episode, who knows how convincing any of it is. But given how passed right over protagonists getting shot in the face was, and how they milked the hell out of it, I feel it's safe to say which ones will be arbitrarily shaking it off and which are staying stuffed in the fridge. But hey, that's still more than any of the other side characters have accomplished. One got to fight for approximately 10 seconds, pulling another new power out of his ass that also needed explanation only to spontaneously fall over immediately after.

Same with the new antagonist here. I'm here to fight you and lose every time, except when I use my super secret move which, no, you can't see. It instantly wins. That's how super duper cool it is. Luckily, he also has extra lives stocked up so just pops right back after dying multiple times. Does nothing mean anything? Do we have to tell what actually counts and is to be taken seriously solely by how long the camera lingers on anguished faces and how dramatic the music gets rather than actual events? Apparently yes.

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  • v1cious says:

    This really should’ve been two-cour, because past here is where the main plot starts. Everything from this point on is a ride.