The Witch From Mercury #01 — Welcome to Rape High

October 2nd, 2022


Premise straight from any number of porn games.


Okay, this is marginally more of my flavor, though I'm not sure how much of that is just my amusement about this godawful school having basically the same rules as Duel Savior, which also used it to sexually assault teenagers. Not only do they have random mech fights literally in the middle of the quad, full of students, but the winner has to obey the loser, no matter what, which of course, they use to jump straight to owning classmates as your slave wives, which every single other person in the world is a huge fan of, and has only disdain for slave wives. After all, they lost. There's nothing awkward about a dude throwing a huge tantrum in a greenhouse at tomatoes. He's the BMOC after all. Everything he does is automatically awesome.

The other issues are still there too, even if the cheesiness is coming in a somewhat different flavor. The action was still all indistinct lasers on/off screen, the protagonist just has manifest destiny making her the bestest at Gundams just because, and nobody in the show has an iota of self-awareness or charisma. Nor is the story moving any faster, basically just explaining that we're at a ridiculous school that caters to bullies and the protagonist is still the same super magical girl as she was in the prologue. The titular main character's stutter is particularly obnoxious. I think she managed maybe four full sentences the entire episode, two about tomatoes, one that she thinks she accidentally got engaged into some kind of crazy polyamorous relationship, so she's also just an idiot. Of the other two characters that got any focus, one is your standard overly serious friend/rival, and the other is the aforementioned dude who wants to rape her according to school policy with a hard on for hating tomatoes. I'm not sure that's a winning cast.   

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  • DP says:

    No mention that all central story elements seem to have been lifted bodily from the classic Revolutionary Girl Utena (the dueling system, the slave-wife in the garden, the annoying “husband” being defeated by the new student girl and then finding she has “married” another girl, who is okay with it, etc.?)

    Given that one of the creators of this also wrote Utena novelizations, this can be seen as fanfic (“what if Utena existed in the Gundam universe”) only without the stylistic flourishes and soundtrack that made Utena fascinating…

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