Do It Yourself!! #04 — Engaging in Multiple Felonies

October 26th, 2022


Still torturing pigs for some reason.

If you're wondering about the cheat power harem thing that's supposedly a satire, he was tortured while internally declaring he was just pretending to be tortured, one of his harem came back to literally crawl all over him, and then he massacred a bunch of his torturers in the street while cackling about how much murdering of his corrupt classmates he was doing. Don't worry. They remembered to fit in some torturing of girls too. What a satire. What a fun character. What a humorous story.


Again, the comedic highlight of the episode came early when Pudding Googled "Queen Elizabeth" and came up with this girl instead of the obvious result. Queen Elizabeth? Where have I possibly heard that name before? The rest of the episode was quite dull, as both of these characters share the same obnoxious tsundere niche so have zero chemistry with each other, the main differentiating factor being one peppering in a bunch of out of place, poorly pronounced English words in half her sentences.

Nor did the episode make a whole lot of sense, which is par for the course. The blonde one broke in, hacked all of the Pudding computer systems, and decided to squat in her attic, which everybody just goes with. They then do a montage of setting up her (wo)man cave, which is almost entirely various handcrafting activities that they have to do (it) themselves. You would think some kind of connection would be made here, but no. This is something totally different, and the connection to the klutz is because hanging out with Queen Elizabeth afterwards reminds her of that time with a windchime. …We could have done a better job making this cohesive in any way, shape, or form.

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