Do It Yourself!! #03 — Long Live the Queen

October 19th, 2022


I'm pretty sure they're torturing that pig for fun at this point.


Wait. Hold on. Hold up here, bucko. This character's name is Queen Elizabeth? Her name is literally Queen Elizabeth? You named a character Queen Elizabeth. Even at the best of times, this would be corny, but here? Is this an attempt to trap the dead queen's soul in the horcrux of a mediocre slice of life girls-in-a-club show? That would make the most sense to me. It certainly makes more sense than whatever the hell was going on with the writing this week. You see, Queen Elizabeth hates primative working with your hands because it's beneath technological savants like her. But actually, she loves it because it's just like what she used to do with mooooommmmmmyyyyyyy. 

For starters, this character is a carbon copy of one that already exists, except with a godawful English accent and broken English and Japanese. On top of that, pick a lane. Or at least differentiate her. Take her more of the Tony Stark route where she's using high tech stuff to do high tech do it yourself things, creating circuit boards, soldering chips to hack PS5s, etc. Don't just make her a copy of the imbecile next door with more shouting and a silly name. But also, Queen Elizabeth. Are you kidding me here? That alone overshadows the entire rest of the episode. What on earth were you thinking?

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