Beast Tamer #01 — Goblin Abuse

October 1st, 2022


Did he just murder some helpless goblin kids playing in a field?


We're at least moving away from status screens. Which isn't to say that this doesn't go by strict RPG rules, since we feature such thrilling exposition as "Goblins are F rank monsters." "Oh no! That's a killer tiger! A killer tiger is a D rank monster. A D rank monster is more dangerous than an F rank monster." Truly organic fantasy right here. The production appears to be cratering though. It's hard to say if this was worse made than the claymation dragon show, but it's pretty close. About the same effort went into the characters and story in both shows too, which is to say, none whatsoever. Dude stumbles into a monster, saves cat girl, enslaves her with her happy blessing. I think the farm one may have this beat just for not having any slaves, but again, it isn't a high bar, and it's only barely cleared at best.

Same as all the rest though. I have a niche power and the heroes (who are all sadistic jackasses) kick me out, but actually my niche power makes me the strongest, so here's a harem. Sure, there's no reincarnation this time, but it's the same schlock. At least the older fantasy shows went for the mysterious protagonist who was haunted by some personal failure in his past. They were overpowered too, but they were running from it and their failures, not dumped into it by schoolyard bullies and imbeciles while Mr. Magooing their way into a bevy of slave wives. What's the draw meant to be here? Definitely not the animation. It's slow to introduce the harem and has little T&A on top of it, so can't say it's the fanservice either. So… someone explain what the hook of this episode even was.

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