You0 Deco #12 — Injunction Function

September 18th, 2022


I expected something slightly more than cribbing from Willy Wonka.


What a horrible ending. They find the totally-not-the-oracle who's apparently the despot of everything and then her big plan is… to hand things over to them. And leave. Their big change is… pretty much just to maintain the status quo. They say that now things are different so they don't need the detective club, but sure seems like that one slum is still filled with the garbage that's killing them. Seems like the nue dude still won't have his weird animal. Oh, but the moderator job has changed. How? Why didn't the lady change it if it was problematic? Look, it's good now. Because the show's over.

Really seemed like almost all the people in the world were perfectly happy with their totalitarian state, and handing over the reins to a petulant child prone to tantrums is not a great solution to their societal issues, particularly when they're all ignorant that their shadow ruler is being replaced. It also doesn't speak highly to this government that it's thrown into complete chaos by a few dudes masking people. Just bad excuses for the protagonists to shout speeches about friendship and believing in yourself.

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