You0 Deco #11 — Alternate Alternate Reality Game

September 11th, 2022


The general public in all shows this season are pretty stupid.


Not really sure this is actually working its way to any kind of finale. They balloon drone up to some giant backup archive in the sky to get to THE TRUTH about Zero, except all they really end up doing is watching Berry's parents be sad which makes Berry sad, until Hack told her to not be sad. At which point alarms go off and I guess they got tired of it, so they cut to the rest of the crew where the whole Zero incident is now being taken as an ARG. We really cut away to show that there's nothing important going on.

It takes nearly five minutes before we get back to the main trio, who continue to not learn anything, but are ambushed by Zero. Finn is all "I swear I'll protect you!" which apparently means he has one smoke bomb and will then carry them 20 feet away before being caught. Great job. Also, are we supposed to be surprised that there's a person inside Zero? If it even is. I've always assumed it was some kind of zombie process to begin with, likely in the vein of Brainiac archive-and-delete-everything.   

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