You0 Deco #10 — Excessive Moderation

September 4th, 2022


Did Facebook moderation just fire an exploding laser gun at a child?


This episode went a very, very weird place. The slum residents took their pictures, claiming them to be Zero, but were immediately flagged as fake, so they decided may as well pretend to be Zero for the time being, and burn through their entire friends list screwing around with not-Facebook moderation. I wasn't even under the impression that they were really flying under the radar, what with taking random jobs for random people, and causing chaos everywhere they go. Wasn't the invisibility more of a societal thing that they were being intentionally ignored? Didn't Berry and Hack blow up a court room? But the other poor people who are also intentionally ignoring them took a couple pictures, so government raaaaaaampaaaaaaaaaage!

This results in essentially an entire episode montage/recap where they run through all the characters from previous episodes, from Berry's parents to the weird Nue guy to that one drone. Even the dead ones made sure to appear in flashbacks. I guess the main focus was on Berry's moderator parents, but they didn't even really show up until halfway through, and their schtick was just "actually, they do care about their daughter." Was that ever really in doubt? Sure, they're agents of the fascist man, but in the banal governmental bureaucracy sense, and yeah, it's not great that they abuse their authority solely to protect family without seeming to come to any kind of realization about what they're doing to others, but do immediately get tossed in jail too because their bit was only given about four minutes.


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