Summit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #11 — Home Confinement

September 17th, 2022


Please stop aggressive squatting.


This was another one of this show's episodes where I'm not sure whether it was just really terrible, or if I lack the cultural knowledge to understand the jokes. I strongly suspect the former though, as it did try to do a (not) Star Wars joke at one point, which was just "Star Wars exists, and I am a fan." It also probably didn't help that they spent the first half seemingly doing weird proverbs/quotes about performing comedy to overcome harassment, mostly sexual, and then completely abandoned that.

The second half was somehow even weaker, and itself felt like just random segments tossed in wherever rather than anything that flowed. Dude sat outside and tried to lure them out with impressions. It might have been at least a little funnier had the impressions been super bad and unbelievable, but alas. And then, for no real reason, they went into a video game, where the jokes were the same isekai nonsense as always. Again, not parody, just doing the same thing, slightly louder. 


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