Summit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #02 — 24ish

September 10th, 2022


Can you even really call this a parody?

Your eyes don't deceive you, they decided to toss in the previously skipped episode 2 here.


I guess I can see why they skipped it. It was a 24 parody where one of them was supposedly threatening to assassinate the president, but again, I use the word "parody" quite generously because other than the ticking clock thing, it wasn't a 24 parody at all. I guess Not-Jack Bauer then showed up at the end after they explained that the whole thing was a misunderstanding of a random piece of 24 memorabilia fell on their doorstep, but neither of those are much of a joke either.

Even the layered misunderstandings were quite banal. It's weird to me that they're fine with an alien girl who's beaming cows around, but everything else has to be mundane. Is it even a 24 parody without some kind of idiotic torture scene or bomb scare? Why not have each group be in their own different parody? One could be doing 24 while another is in Mission Impossible while another is in Get Smart. Instead… nothing. Maybe the episode should've just been left to the void. 


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