Summer Time Render #25 — Unconcerned With Paradoxes

September 29th, 2022


What? No return to awkward and creepy panty shots?

I know I've not gotten to the three shows that aired so far. I'll do at least two today (probably not Gundam), but I have already watched the other two at least, and they're quite awful.


I don't have a whole lot to add to my thoughts from last week. This was trying to be a wholly sappy, happy ending, but to me, everybody not having their memories, and Ushio2 effectively having to sacrifice herself for it make it pretty bittersweet, and Ryuunosuke2 for that matter. I would've been much happier had she/they still been around, perhaps taking Haine/Hiruko's place in shepherding events a bit more benevolently (ie not killing Shinpei's parents), but, again, we're apparently just ignoring all of that and saying that nothing really changed with their absence other than a couple specific people she killed right before the story are still alive.

Still, not even a kiss or anything? Also, big fireworks scene, but not even a kiss? Why wuss out now, Shinpei? At least tell Ushio how special she (or her clone) is. No, Hizuru writing a story in the story doesn't cut it. I wouldn't be shocked if half these islanders don't read at all. If there's any time to be extra sappy, it's the closing minutes of the show. But again, it's clear the writer(s) don't see Ushio2 as a death/sacrifice/martyr, so I kind of feel like I'm yelling into the void. Anyway, it's not the ending I would've gone with, but it's not the worst either. Hard to even compete when things like Lycoris and Engage Kiss are in the season.


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