Summer Time Render #23 — Into the Upside Down

September 15th, 2022


We're somehow missile surfing, and I'm fine with that.

A little slow this morning just because of an early obligatory vet checkup, but I am out of town next weekend starting very early Thursday morning, so things will be very delayed then.


Not a huge fan of Haine getting a face turn by splitting into her good and evil halves, but this is anime and she's drawn as a little girl, so I suppose it was probably inevitable. It's kind of funny that all the main players have a personal magical kid sidekick as they go into shadow land/the upside down, though it is disappointing that presumably we won't be seeing the rest of the cast now until whatever final reset/wrapup. Hopefully at least Mio2 will come through to save the day.

That said, despite skipping the OP, most of the episode dragged pretty hard. At the start because of Shide's long monologue, and then at the end, once the WW2 bombing began, everybody sat in the hairball having a strategy discussion for about three minutes straight. And this was after Shinpei and Ryuunosuke bumbled around for a bit too. The quick fight between Ushio and Shide after that was fine, but then we got sucked into another monologue after that, with extra slow motion and telepathy pulled out of someone's ass. Direction and dialogue is hard.

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