Summer Time Render #22 — The Fireworks Factory

September 8th, 2022


That seems like a lot of fireworks to just leave sitting around somewhere.


There's something I always love about whenever Tokiko snaps at the others. She's such a commensurate badass, from managing a swarm of killer monsters to trying to wrangle spunky teenagers, taking no crap from any of them. I wish she had a bigger part, but unfortunately as we come to the conclusion, seems to be just one of many this week who are doing the whole "we'll hold X here, go on ahead," and even then, ends up stopped by Literally Random Monster. At least the old dude got to shoot one of the priest clones in the head a few times. I'm sure both will come back, but still. Tokiko especially deserved a chance to show off more. Even Mio2 got some juicy headstabbings in.

I'm also not totally sure I love Shinpei proactively using his looping power. It's clever, certainly, to have camped out near the main body, and then use it to pull Ushio back there, but it feels a lot like abandoning that timeline and everybody in it. I have no idea if that's how things are work or you're not meant to think about it, but every other one his deaths had been either not his choice, or in an already hopeless situation. Otherwise though, a solid episode. Still not the balls to the wall action of the gym one, and a bit too bogged down with Heine-Shinpei over-monologueing to highlight her being outplayed, but still action packed and fast paced. Shide of course has some extra bit of Heine and is now probably super Shadow level 3 with Ushio having schlooped out the other magic eye, so time to put them together via fusion dance or whatever… in an episode or two because we've still got like a month to go.


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