Summer Time Render #21 — Rebirth

September 1st, 2022


Beginning of the end.


Very much a calm before the ending episode, with everybody going around declaring who they like, but not a whole ton else. Ushio is confirmed as having copied her data into her shell, but they need to recopy that out into another Ushio shadow, the original of which is still out floating in the ocean from when they screwed up Shiori's rescue. I feel like it would be entirely in character and within shadow power rules for Mio2 to offer or even try to overwrite her own data with it, and still don't really get why she doesn't have super hair powers like Ushio, but whatever.

Mostly, I feel like this episode highlighted that the two other dudes have been hanging around without contributing much for a long while. The old dude even had a whole segment about a month back that was basically "THIS CHARACTER ARC IS OVER, KILL NOW." Tokiko at least still has her shadow pokemon plot devices, and redoes her hair and opens her eyes to reinvent her appearance every other episode. The cop basically didn't even show up. Hopefully they at least get their heroic sacrifices before everything is reset.

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