Lycoris Recoil #12 — Tropical Vacation

September 26th, 2022


Good lord, this ending was even worse than I feared.


So, the coverup was perfect. The dude doesn't like fighting unless she's at full strength, so he just stops in the middle of the fight, and then eventually wanders off again into the night. The other baddie gets killed by his jilted ex-boyfriend, somehow gets heart 2.0 out, drops it in a box, and gives it to Chisato who gormlessly takes it and lives happily ever after. You'd think a surgeon might need to be involved, or she would have an iota of awareness, but everybody in this show exists in so much willful ignorance that I can't even come up with a metaphor for it. Will nobody murder this man and bring me his heart? Well, don't have blood on my hands, so technically I'm in the clear. This is basically Mafia logic. For the good guys. About murdering people. So they can frolic.

So all's well that ends well… aside from all the people who were gunned down in the streets, of course. Perhaps the 'funniest' part of the epilogue is where it cuts to the government puppet masters talking about how they've already secretly assassinated a few hundred citizens, so their child gestapo are doing great. What a goddamned sentence to write about the 'good' guys. Everything about the writing in this show was nonsensical, and it seems completely unaware of how much of a dystopic nightmare of a world it painted, nor how hypocritical all the characters were, to say nothing of ever explaining why the one baddie even did any of the things he did. The longer the show went on, the more pronounced and severe all its writing problems became until it simply ended with a "and so, the super happy status quo resumed," with seemingly zero understanding of anything it had presented. 

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