Lycoris Recoil #12 — “Go About Your Day, Sheep”

September 17th, 2022


Oh, so now gunshots next to the ears are bad?


Not that I expect anything from the writing at this point, particularly when he's chased off in the first 60 seconds only to re-resume the fight they left as the cliffhanger. The entire evil plot of sowing chaos by telling people to shoot schoolgirls was foiled by re-hacking the broadcasts and telling them "Actually, everything's fine. That was an ad. Go about your business. LOL." And all of society breathed a sigh of relief. I'm sure that will come as a relief to all the random people with guns and the girls they shot in the street. That's not even the worst part. That has to go to the whole little scene of them struggling super hard to plug in a USB because Chisato's arm wasn't long enough. 

But most of the focus in the first half was on Chisato's dumbass militant anti-murder philosophy, which hasn't magically started making any sense. I'm a Stainless Steel Rat fan, and any number of super heroes are pretty strictly no-killing, this is ground well tread for me. The issue with Chisato is that she is completely fine not just letting killers and murderers walk free, but happily helps them, and organizations who engage in everything that she claims to abhor, frequently, as in this episode, as they do so right in front of her. She doesn't care at all. So when she's screaming that you have to let these murderers walk away free so that they can continue murdering… murdering her ostensible friends and family, it rings hollow as hell. There's a middle ground here between free rein and a bullet in the head. Might be something worth thinking about.

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  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    If they wanted that goofy “Chisato can’t reach the USB” scene to be more realistic they should have put it closer, but then have her try to put it in, and then when it doesn’t go flip it around to realize now it’s the wrong way, to flip it back the original way and it slides right in.

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