Lycoris Recoil #11 — The Trap Guy Sets Another Trap

September 10th, 2022


I am shocked by this development. Shocked.


I've given up on this show's writing and am just waiting to see if they actually are going to try to wring out maximum melodrama or just half-ass a new magical heart out of someone's ass like it appears that they have. I give equal odds to both. The baddie's grand plan here was to just lure them to a crime scene, and then his previous "leave guns in paper bags" scheme will truly take over, as now all the would-be vigilantes of the city who decided to secretly pick up those guns will spontaneously go straight to extrajudicial murder of any and all teenage girls that happen to be nearby. Boy, this show certainly has quite the view of society.

Meanwhile, Greenie's big plan for dealing with Chisato isn't something like "leave a bomb" but to lure her to a dark room for a fist fight. Are we a Machiavellian super genius or not? Of course, literally everybody manages to figure this out, except for the organization, because sure, they may be hyper competent at covering up the hundreds of terrorist attacks every day and the existence of literal train loads of secret gestapo assassins, but basic operational intelligence is too much for them. Maybe Majima can take another rocket launcher to the face before this is all over.

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One Lonely Comment

  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    PHEW. I thought Chisato was going to die. But now they just found a new heart, and it’s upgraded too, which means Chisato will live FOREVER!