I’m the Villainess #01 — Boy Disney Princess

September 29th, 2022


Save some sparklies for the rest of us.

This is a Saturday show, but I'm playing catchup.


Honestly, I feel more baffled than anything by this show. The writing is quite nonsensical. It constantly declares some character the epitome of goodness, and in the next breath shows them sadistically tormenting people out of petulant spite, and torturing baby animals. Or that they are the incarnation of evil… stripped of everything by racists, who makes flowers bloom just by blushing and is the protector of all animals like literally Snow White. This is on top of the premise basically being "What if you woke up one day and were Hitler, but before he did anything bad. Not just Hitler, but girl Hitler in a dating sim!" You're not really Hitler then. You're just a dude with a silly mustache.

This isn't subversion of cliches at all, or even parody! It's just saying "X is good/Y is bad" but they're the complete opposite. Substitute just two or three nouns and the entire 'joke' of this setting totally falls apart. Speaking of the humor, it's far more concerned with being sappy over funny. Which is a small relief for the lack of screaming. The music is nice enough, I guess, so if you completely turn off your brain, there's at least that to enjoy. But it's so over the top with how the 'good' guys are sadistic lunatics while the 'bad' guys are straight up Disney princesses that any character or dramatic elements in the story are impossible to take seriously.


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