Harley Quinn #36 — A Hard Wayne

September 16th, 2022


You dildos.


It's good that they finally came to grips at least a little bit that Ivy was being just as overbearing and toxic in the relationship, but they also didn't get to that point particularly organically. Having Joker walk her through it every step of the way was just beating everybody over the head with the obvious. Harley even started slipping back into her original incarnation's corny old New York accent, so it seemed like she was going to be unknowingly backsliding until Ivy realized what was happening… but no, just a literal clown explaining it all with all the tact of a brick to the face.

Harley also swung a little too hard to the good guy side all at once. She had a connection with one dude that she felt sorry for because she saw him watch his parents be murdered in front of him hundreds of times. There's a whole range of anti-hero archetypes to go through before leaping straight to knockoff Robin. Plus the whole wanting to help people seems pretty hard tethered to her psychiatrist side, not so much her anarchist side. Also, didn't she murder Hatter anyway? Bat family's just letting stuff like that ride now? Because she appreciates Nightwing's butt? 


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