Harley Quinn #35 — Meet the Parents

September 9th, 2022


Boy, this season really doesn't want to use many (any) DC characters, does it?


It's weird to me that this wasn't the finale since it seems to have more or less wrapped up pretty much every major plot thread at the moment. The zombie apocalypse is thwarted, Bruce and Ivy have decided to Believe In Themselves a little more, uh… Bane got over his pasta maker? A lot of the episode unfortunately felt like it was just going through the motions too. As soon as Ivy hijacked the apocalypse, it was obvious Harley was going to end up one of the zombies. They could've stretched it out another episode by having Ivy prioritize herself and her ambition over Harley (knowingly or not), or had the Bat Family been something other than basically 100% supportive of Harley/Ivy, or Bruce not immediately do a 180 when the consequences were revealed, all of which seem a bit out of character, but I guess the episode count is breathing down their neck.

Even so, I'm not totally sure why Harley is so upset about the chaos and destruction. What exactly was she expecting Ivy's grand plan to be even in the best case scenario? A few extra trees in the park? Harley doesn't even like plant stuff and was bored off her ass by Ivy's eden. They could've tethered that better to her having an epiphany over seeing Bruce's past and/or realizing that she can still have fun/be a force of chaos while actually helping people, but she also presided over an apocalypse that destroyed Gotham herself seemingly without caring much, not to mention that entire picnic fiasco. 

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