Harley Quinn #34 — Reruns at Crime Alley

September 2nd, 2022


They die more than Uncle Ben at this point.


Now this is the kind of Batman story that I really adore, and definitely echoes some of the more iconic episodes of Batman:TAS and Justice League that focused on humanizing both sides and showing them being broken by their pasts, but sympathetic to each other and capable of both humanity and trying to grow. This is not the Harley we've seen for the last couple months. She's unable to leave a child trapped in a nightmare alone, and even when she learns that he's one of her nemeses, focuses on trying to help him while still being a violent anarchist lunatic. No petty tantrums. No weird sermonizing speeches at the end only barely connected to the rest of the episode. No Gordon either, for that matter. 

I will say that it was pretty light on gags compared to most episodes of the show, and I think it probably would've worked a lot better had Bruce accepted her offer to help him instead of rejecting it. The zombie apocalypse can be kicked off by some random plot device instead. But that's a minor quibble that they could certainly address better as we go towards the ending. This was otherwise precisely the kind of cohesive and focused character-driven story like the original Mr. Freeze one that I wish the series had been doing a better job with.


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