Engage Kiss #13 — Collect Them All

September 26th, 2022


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Less embarrassingly awful an ending than Lycoris Recoil, if only because it stuck to its guns instead of continuing to spiral off into worse and worse nonsense, but it gets no points for complete lack of ambition, and especially not for repeatedly getting distracted by trying to highlight these random side characters who haven't done jack the entire show. At least it animated the fight though. The disappointing, all lights and noise fight. Where's that choreography and banter from the first episode? Just couldn't be bothered? But they sure defeated her by… just hitting her a couple more times. This was really the big bad devil?

I still have no idea why any of the girls care a whit about this trash person, so it's really weird for Kisara's 'arc' to end with not only the person she was essentially dying and being replaced by a horny teenager romanticizing what she lost. Oh, and the sister is also now part of the harem, because of course she is. I'll default to Futakoi Alt's Rentarou in comparison again here. He showed genuine joy and passion for everything being around his underage harem. This ends with the protagonist screaming "Won't someone do something about all these crazy bitches!?" not thirty seconds after one begged him to speak of their star-crossed romance and then shoved a tongue down his throat. You do not have the characters for any kind of actual emotion. Just… just go shill your goddamned gacha game and let's not speak of it again. 


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