Engage Kiss #12 — Surf’s Up

September 17th, 2022


Does Amazon really have one hour supersonic hoverboard delivery?


It's weird the progression of weapons they're throwing at his sister. First an orbital cannon, then a couple tanks, then whatever twenty-somethings happen to be hanging around. Maybe it wouldn't be so weird if they didn't keep cutting away to all the other supposed demon hunters sitting it out, yelling about how they can't do anything. Because… *waves hands vaguely*. But it's also weird that Shu could've bought a hoverboard and been using that to jet around town and fight at any point and chose not to. 

And of course, all of this comes down to his sister also being jealous of all the other girls because of *waves hands vaguely again* magical demon psychic voyeurism. Very questionable plan here too. Convince her he's trying to help… to distract her so that they can ambush her and stab her. And then chicken out anyway. Pick a lane, dude. At least let her go berserk before you stab her in the back. Same with you, Kick Nun. Why are you back to the tentacles? Every time you go tentacles, you're useless and lose immediately. 

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