Engage Kiss #11 — Orbital Stun Gun

September 10th, 2022


That thing sure is convenient.


I was hoping we'd get to skip a backstory episode since we had gotten this late, or at least made it something brief and punchy, but alas. Kisara gets kicked into the ocean, Asmo is stunned by the orbital laser that is now marginally effective instead of completely useless, but both are flesh wounds, so it's time to spend the rest of the episode in flashback to the rest of Kisara's origin story. Except that it doesn't add much of anything we didn't already know. He made a contract with her. He got in over his head. She was manipulating him.

Again, this would have been a place that Shu could've redeemed himself in some way, given an actual reason for literally any of the women in this show to be attracted to him for any reason, and instead they just sacrifice themselves for him for the sole reason that he's the protagonist. In this case, spitting back all his memories and I guess resetting her own brain, which I assume will last all of ten minutes because 'love' conquers all. This is a hell of a toxic relationship, on both their parts, for it to be putting all those eggs into this singular basket, but very nice of the big baddie to obligingly sit there and wait for it all to be dealt with. Thanks, cosmic ur demon. 


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