Engage Kiss #10 — Weapons of Mass Ineffectiveness

September 3rd, 2022


Excuse me. Did you just fire an orbital cannon on downtown?


Both the Saturday 'action' shows really phoning it in for their finales. Same as Lycoris, this was an episode spent entirely waiting for the baddie to pop out and declare their master plan. Instead of littering, this one is a combination giant monster and possessed little sister with a side of Legion swarm. Instead of trying to wring out maximum trrraaggggeeedddyyyy, this was almost 17 minutes straight of infodumping about the demon, Shu's possessed mom, so on and so forth. Which might be a little more convincing had Shu been in the episode for more than approximately 30 seconds. He's less a main character at this point than a flat out assault on the Bechdel Test.

I think the funniest part to me was them pulling an orbital laser out of their asses that did literally nothing. Not a scratch on even the nun. Apparently no collateral damage to the surrounding area either! What a great super weapon this is. I certainly take this giant monster seriously now that literally everybody completely ignored it. Just like we half-assed the rest of the action this week. I guess there was at least some, which compares favorably to Lycoris, but good god, where has the style and panache from the first episode gone?


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