Call of the Night #11 — Vanna Helsing

September 15th, 2022


Tossing in a vampire hunter feels like a pretty obligatory move to end the season.


But since every single vampire shown so far has been quite defanged, they also had to pull an evil/dangerous one out of their asses to justify it. Not even that seemingly that dangerous either, to be honest. He went crazy because he didn't want to drink blood. Okay, fine, if the setting was that doing so meant killing or the like, but every blood sucking thus far has been equated to kissing or sex, and the vampires are all sex-hungry idiots, which yes, is standard for vampires these days. Thanks, Twilight, Vampire Diaries, etc. Maybe if this had come at the start of the show, but we know too much about vampires already for them to be pulling "You don't know anything" like some kind of melodramatic reveal… for about the fourth time at that.

I do think that they did a good job in the middle of the episode of the human trio just hanging out, but it also just highlights how much of Kou's worldview and ennui is absolute crap. He has a blast hanging out with his friends, just screwing around at school, chatting, and being around them. All that insistence that everybody and everything bores him makes no sense when he keeps finding fun and joy in everything from children's toys to inappropriate pseudo-sexual relationships with office workers.

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