Call of the Night #10 — Yet More Sexual Harassment

September 8th, 2022


Couldn't you have just all sat on the balcony instead of peeping on her?


Another episode that tries to be serious and I feel misses the mark entirely. They help one of the cougar squad out at a Hooters maid cafe and stumble on what appears to be a stalker taking voyeur pictures of one of the waitresses, but actually, she's doing it for attention because she's unhappy that somebody is more popular than her. But that's the whole reason why anybody works at Hooters a maid cafe, because they're all women who are starved for attention. Really? That's what we're going with here as the lesson? People don't wait tables for the paycheck, but because they're hungry for the male gaze. I… uh… I don't even know where to start with that horrendous wrap-up speech.

And as is so often (ie always) the case whenever anime tries to touch on this topic, it simultaneously says that objectifying and fetishizing women is bad and something creeps do, while objectifying and fetishizing women in the process. Extra boob jiggle, boob presses stuffed in lockers, fetish costumes, the works. That right there is already a big problem with any deep thoughts the episode might have. So in the end, we have a fanservice episode about how dudes need to be being creepier towards waitresses because it's what they all secretly crave. Also, why does Kou keep coming up with new random things that he's supposedly exicted for and passionate about? His whole schtick is melancholic ennui. You have fun with walkie talkies, hanging out with that one dude, and playing detective? Why aren't you following up on any of that?


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