Call of the Night #09 — Love Your Stalkers

September 1st, 2022


Wiiiiiiiiiide miss.


At first, it was looking like it'd be another episode about Kou telling a depressed woman "just stop caring" and his innocent teenager nihilism solving everything. Then the entire screen started vomitting rainbows and it became about how maybe jealous, obsessive stalkers are just misunderstood and we should be taking their feelings into account. After all, you spent a couple weeks hanging out. He seems like a totally regular guy. You know, aside from the stalking. Not only that, but platonic friendships between the sexes are just plain impossible.

That's a lot to swallow, and the pastel after-images burned into my retinas feel like probably the least problematic portion. What this dude needed was a restraining order, not validation. He's not just some awkward dude the show was claiming. They certainly could've made him a victim, had she used vampire powers or whatever to mess with his head and force him to be obsessed with her, but they didn't. Had this been one of the human women, it would have flat out criminal. Her threatening to kill him in response is an overreaction, sure, but she's also just ignoring all the other dudes who aren't stalking her. She's not the bad guy here for fighting back against the insecure lunatic pounding on her door.

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