You0 Deco #09 — Gentrification

August 28th, 2022


Drink every time they stumble over saying "deco allergy."


I expected little of Finn's whole "get out of my house," and boy, did it deliver that. The first half of the episode is entirely flashback about how he lived in a slum/junkyard, and The Man is keeping them down. The literal gestapo rolls into town, steals everything from everybody, and everybody's all "This is so the fault of the local kid trying to find out why they keep dumping garbage on us." So they run off to find him and go "We're here to help, cause we're family!" which immediately resolves everything, aside from how all the poor people are petty, evil, and stupid.

What a rosy picture of the exploited underclass we paint, and is apparently the core of this arc. He wants to clean up their slum, which will change their love from next to nothing to nothing. Everything about this is just idiotic, on both ends. What did you expect, rolling into town and telling them that you're going to be leveling their homes and taking all their faux-money because *waves hands vaguely*? And why does the exploited permanent underclass have such fervant reverance for the gestapo? Haven't our protagonists stolen hundreds of Love from people in earlier episodes just for funsies with zero impact or notice? This could be resolved with about two seconds of basic wealth redistribution and a power point presentation, but somehow, we're at a cliffhanger involving an angry mob screaming about the evils of science because every single person is making the stupidest possible choice to interacting with each other.

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