You0 Deco #08 — Trawling For Content

August 21st, 2022


And coming up empty.


There's something very funny about trying to make the cliffhanger one random dude randomly declaring "Team done, everybody leave." And such a dramatic announcement that it moves them to angry tears! Maybe he's just telling them all to get out of his house. I could sympathize with that. Granted, there was probably a better way to handle things than literally kicking in his door and yelling at him for hiding things from them and being a terrible friend.

Anyway, it was a very uneventful episode that could've probably been over in two minutes before the OP if they felt like it. Some MacGuffin is falling from the sky. What is it? A MacGuffin. Let's do a montage to practice catching it, and now a whole sequence for leaving on boats, catching it, and returning. Oh, it fell. So now what is it? Still a MacGuffin to be revealed/explained later. Now we're all yelling at the tall dude for no real reason.  

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