You0 Deco #07 — The Other Stray

August 14th, 2022


Ramen is overrated. I said it.


When the entire club was telling Berry "this is dumb," I sympathized with that. The whole thing was just "cat dude wants to eat ramen." But the ramen place/dude is missing! Most of it was mainly making jokes about Watson doing random things, like having a dot matrix printer in his mouth, or lights in his eyes. Or short montages of his head being large. Then, once they found him, halfway through the episode, he rambled nonsensically about rumors before Zero shows up and kills him. That's… uh, quite the turn for the episode.

I guess that makes it another pretty messy episode. The first half was basically fluff and borderline filler, then about three minutes of pseudo-philosophical blathering before fighting the big bad, who spontaneously pissed off after stealing a chunk of Hack's leg. And sure, that dude was a robot/AI, but he's far from the first in the show, and had more personality and sentient thoughts than the cat person/dot matrix printer/flashlight the episode was otherwise centered on. Seemed a bit weird to go right from his broken, mangled corpse to silly happy recap times with the gang. 


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