You0 Deco #06 — Drone Hunters

August 7th, 2022


I see why you wear a gas mask.


Bit of a firehose of dumping about the various side characters this week. Mainly the orphaned drone, but also 44 and the gasmask girl. Most of it was not all that elucidating or interesting though, and was largely Berry asking "So, anyway, what's up with you?" Even the antagonists were fairly out of nowhere. Some cop drones pop up from someone's butt just long enough to chase them around one corner, and then they go into the subworld or whatever and the furry dude zaps them. The furry dead dude, apparently.

That's the main problem with the episode, that so much of it was spurious exposition rather than deduction or epiphany. Far too much of the episode is spent having Berry patiently sit on her hands and listen to things explained to her. She's not an active participant in events, her presence is superfluous, and her actions in no way lead to the resolution. Or if not her, other characters. Smiley, as another example. Her part in this episode was to reveal that her face looks disturbing, and… that's it. It's attention grabbing, but she was also a very superfluous part of the episode who would have been removed with about thirty seconds of editing.

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