Summit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #09 — Close Encounters

August 27th, 2022


I don't know why I expect more.


Another fairly middling episode. Focused on the alien trio again, with the reveal that one of them actually is an alien, though all that is really used for is to have her say some random supposedly true factoid among all the improvised ones, and through their sixth sense, they know that something's weird and then they all get flustered over it. Where's all the alien parodies? One little reference to ET is really it? No Star Trek or Star Wars? No Predator? No Aliens? Not even Dragon Ball? You have so much space stuff to work with, why do just… nothing with any of it?

The bit in the middle about making up corny half-assed melodramatic backstories for everybody in rapid fire succession was probably the strongest joke of the episode, but it did the now-usual thing of not going far enough to make things actually ridiculous, and then took time out to explain the entire joke. Likewise, the made-up time traveler thing at the end would've worked much better as a B plot to the episode rather than a non-sequitur bit at the end. I expected at that point for everybody to start revealing secret things, not to get sucked into a few minutes of jokeless flashback explaining it.


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