Summit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #08 — A Cinderella Story

August 20th, 2022


Of sorts.


At the start, it seemed like it was going to be a parody of The Office, but then they completely ignored that except for a couple very, very lazy and half-assed jokes that they deceptively edited it. Which was revealed at the halfway mark, and then repeated another ten minutes later. This is a very bizarre way to attempt to deliver a joke. The rest of the episode was them putting on a play, but the wrong costumes were delivered, so they… didn't do Cinderella as planned, but just improv'ed. It was a lot of the same attempt at 'humor' as Harley Quinn yesterday. We're saying this is Cinderella, but it is not Cinderella in any way. How absurd! Except not really. 

I think I prefer the more esoteric episodes of this show, even if they often totally miss the mark. It was kind of amusing when they were practicing and the prim and proper one was doing foul mouthed movie schtick, but the actual play itself was probably the weakest part of the episode. It had about the same joke delivery as a clown running up and announcing that he's totally going to do something wacky with a pie. Props not working, and people not sticking to the script after announcing that this is totally going to be a disaster isn't enough of a disaster to really be funny. Launch some audience members into the sun or accidentally topple an alien dictatorship in the process or something. That'd be overplaying it, and making the mundane reality show edits more ridiculous.  


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