Summit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #06 — Home Aloneish

August 6th, 2022


Ow, my pixels.


Very reminiscent of episode 1 in that it was mainly raw chaos energy harkening back to when this was the norm for comedies some ten to twenty years ago. The only connecting thread was that the landlord was gone and they had to fend for themselves, with each group getting into some kind of escalating problem until the entire house was obliterated, bouncing from one group to another with reckless abandon. I think what it really needed to tie it all together was each group doing something that Rube Goldberg'd into the final destruction of the house, rather than someone just popping up and handing one of them a mass destruction handgun that did it all for them.

Still, like the first episode, it's a bit rough to try to grasp onto the humor when so much of it is obscure ranting about the cultural impact of melons and such. I also have to wonder if China's going to make a big stink about this episode because it brings up Taiwan. Some of the more accessible bits, like the speculation from one girl having a cold sore, were also more traditional obnoxious recent Japanese anime humor fifty thousand lines over-exaggerating speculation nonsense that only at the very end reached "she's probably on cocaine and is a serial killer," instead of starting at that point and escalating from there. 

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