Summer Time Render #19 — Spear vs Hammer vs Gun

August 18th, 2022


Dude with a sniper rifle gonna help out here or what?


There's something funny to me about these teams. In team A, we have an accomplished sniper, a supernatural possessed girl, a murderous pokemon trainer, and an imbecile with a pistol. In team B, we have two mewling teenagers. To team A's credit, aside from going out to the beach, they weren't fooled for a second by 'Shinpei', Haine's apparently newly chosen preferred form. As ever, it's so nice to have protagonists who aren't blithering idiots. It's hard to say the same for the antagonists when they're still making imbecilic faces like they're crapping themselves though. Please stop doing the meme faces, show. They are always awful.

Not a whole ton on the actual story advancement front though. Ushio was all but confirmed to be back in her necklace, and some minor exposition about the exact nature of Hizuru/Ryuunosuke and how they work, which I guess is a rare instance of the show using a pretty succinct explanation that simplifies shadow powers somewhat. Ryuunoskue's shadow was misprinted slightly into the future, hence the problems communicating with him and the precog. Which was then sort of ruined by going "actually, kind of not really," and we can communicate just fine. So… you've just been ignoring him for years? That desperate to avoid any conversations with the copy of your dead brother, huh? 

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