Summer Time Render #18 — Whale Abuse

August 11th, 2022


That's definitely the face of someone who has had sex with a whale.


All right, we're starting to run out our good will from the gym episode at this point. While technically eventful, all of it was packed into the last couple minutes, and even that only took a couple minutes because we went into super slowmo time and stretched out about five seconds by around 40,000%. After some weird RPG rambling that is no doubt a dumb metaphor for his still yet to be revealed grand philosophy, the priest unshockingly turns out to be the big bad. So we get his whole backstory too, also featuring yet more new shadow powers. Alien whale washes up, assumed to be god, copies and murders local girl in front of entire village, has sex with it, somehow this creates physical clones that he has it copy him into for pseudo immortality and probably some kind of crazy Legion situation where there's an entire colony of himself living in the basement, ready to be the only person in the entire world. Sure, whatever. We stopped making sense long ago.

They show how serious all this is by making all kinds of idiotic Higurashi meme faces, after only ten minutes of constantly whiting out the dude's eyes to show how menacing he is. Very subtle indeed. That infodump takes goddamned close to 18 minutes of the episode, despite this being some literally random dude who has appeared for maybe two minutes in his human form until this point. He then glaives 'Ushio,' who uses some other unspecified, no doubt new, shadow power right before 'dying,' which totally for sure 100% means she definitely did die, and Shinpei spends the final few minutes of the episode riding the glaive express into a tree.  


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