Summer Time Render #17 — Old People With Strange Heads

August 4th, 2022


I miss the gym episode.


Another pretty uneventful (ie dull) episode. It seemingly very unceremoniously wrapped up all of Nezu's loose ends by just out and admitting that the shadow he's been keeping locked up in his basement is his wife's, and then he killed it, and then got sucked into a flashback about Random Never Seen Before Woman who was also already killed, and then they also unceremoniously killed her shadow too. Good thing we had that flashback right before running into her to explain who she was and why we should care. Otherwise it might have felt dumb and contrived.

We could've definitely skipped probably 95% of this episode and just began where we ended; meandering up to the priest on a hill. Because if there's anything totally not suspicious in any show about an evil god and its death cult on an isolated island, it's the one priest on a hill in the middle of nowhere. In some ways though, there were some backslides too. Some of the dumb boob jokes are back. Magical girl Ushio sequence. Giant head Nezu. Oh, and apparently having a nap recharged Shinpei's time looping powers, so now he can do that again, negating the rule introduced about it that was in place for all of like, three episodes. So… yeah. You've done much better than this, show.

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